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CHP Winners of the Society Pediatric Psychology Student Grant Awards

Each year the Society of Pediatric Psychology (Division 54 of APA) awards student grants in three categories


Faculty/Student Paper Selected for Special Journal Issue

David Janicke, Ph.D. and Kendra Krietsch, M.S. recently had a paper accepted

2014-09-02_Peds Psych Photo_Janicke and Fedele

The CHAMP Study

This study is led by Dr. David Fedele (PI) and Dr. David Janicke (Co-I) and is funded by a grant from the American Lung Association. The aims of this study […]

2014-09-02_Peds Psych Photo_Janicke and McCrae

Cognitive Behavioral Sleep intervention for Overweight and Obese Youth

This study is led by multiple PIs Drs. David Janicke and Dr. Christina McCrae. Childhood obesity represents a major threat to public health. Sleep disturbance represents a significant comorbidity for […]

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Student/Faculty Publications Research Team Members

Krietsch, K., Armstrong, B., McCrae, C., Janicke, D.M. (2016). Temporal Associations between Sleep and Physical Activity among Overweight/Obese Youth. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, Advanced Access.

Chardon, M.L., Carmody, J.K., Dumont-Driscoll., M. & Janicke, D.M. (In Press). Youth Internalizing Symptoms, Sleep Problems, and Disordered Eating Attitudes and Behaviors: A Moderate Mediation Analysis. Eating Behaviors.

Gowey, M.A., Stromberg, S., Lim, C.S., & Janicke, D.M. (In Press). The Moderating Role of Body Dissatisfaction in the Relationship between ADHD Symptoms and Disordered Eating in Overweight and Obese Children. Children’s Health Care.

Janicke, D.M., Fritz, A.M., & Rozensky, R.H. (2015). Healthcare Reform and Preparing the Future Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology Workforce. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 44, 1030-1039.

Mayer-Brown, S.M., Lawless, B.S., Fedele, D.A. Dumont-Driscoll, M., & Janicke, D.M. (2015). The effects of media, self-esteem, and BMI on youth’s unhealthy weight control behaviors. Eating Behaviors, 21, 59-65.

Stromberg, S.E., Carmody, J.K. Dumont-Driscol, M., & Janicke, D.M. (2015). Youth Safety Perceptions of Weight Control Behaviors. Journal of Developmental and Behavoral Pediatrics, 36, 673-680.

Armstrong, B. Lim, C.S., & Janicke, D.M. (2015). Park density impacts weight change in a behavioral intervention for overweight rural youth. Behavioral Medicine, 41, 123-130.

Lim, C.S., Gowey, M., Silverstein, J.H. Dumont-Driscoll, M., & Janicke, D.M. (2015). Depressive Symptoms, Ethnic Identity, and Health-Related Quality of Life in Obese Youth. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, Advanced Access.

Stromberg, S., & Janicke, D.M. (2015). The relationship between mother to child calories served and maternal perception of hunger. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Advanced Access.

Armstrong, B., Gowey, M., Dumont-Driscoll, & Janicke, D.M. (2015). The Moderating Effects of Gender on Paternal Encouragement to Diet & Body Dissatisfaction in Youth. Children’s Health Care,44, 353-367.

Graef, D.M., Janicke, D.M., & McCrae, C. (2014). Sleep Patterns of a Primarily Obese Sample of Treatment-Seeking Children. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, 15, 1111-1117.

Janicke, D.M., Steele, R.F., Gayes, L.A., Lim, C.S., Clifford, L.M., Schneider, E.M., Carmody, J.K., & Westen, S. (2014). Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Comprehensive Behavioral Family Lifestyle Interventions Addressing Pediatric Obesity. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 39, 809-825.